Greetings from The Freeport Club!

With golf season right around the corner, we would like to share some examples/scenarios on how the new World Handicap System might affect your handicap.
How will this new system impact my handicap?

1. Sometimes I submit a score when the course was playing really tough due to weather conditions or placement of hole locations. I don’t feel that the score I posted is an accurate reflection of how I played. Will the Rules of Handicapping address this?

  • Yes! Golf is an outdoor game, and sometimes playing conditions (weather or course setup) can cause scores to be abnormally high or low on a given day. For example, a score of 80 on a rainy, windy day or when the course setup is difficult maybe more impressive than a 79 on a calm day with normal course conditions.
  • Under the Rules of Handicapping, a Playing Conditions Calculation will account for this and adjust players’ Score Differentials to better reflect their actual performance. This calculation is driven by scores posted at a golf course on a given day. Any adjustment will be clearly identified in the player’s scoring record for transparency.

2. I normally post my scores for the week on Sunday night to make sure they’re included in the next revision. Can I still do this under the Rules of Handicapping?

  • Under the Rules of Handicapping, you should submit your scores the day you play for two reasons:
a. Daily Revisions – Each time you submit a score, that score will be factored into the calculation of your Handicap Index for use the very next day.
b. Playing Conditions Calculation – It uses scores submitted each day to determine any adjustment for abnormal playing conditions.
  • By submitting scores the day you play, you ensure that your Handicap Index will be a responsive and up-to-date indicator of your ability. No excuses anymore, please be sure to post all your scores in a timely fashion!

3. I was only able to play 12 holes before darkness prevented me from playing the rest of the round. Can I still post a score for handicap purposes if I don’t play a full 9-hole or 18-hole round?

  • In that situation, you would disregard the scores made on holes 10 through 12 and submit a nine-hole score.
  • For a nine-hole score to be acceptable, you must play at least seven holes. To submit an 18-hole score, you must play a minimum of 14 holes.

4. There’s a golfer in my league who always tends to play well during net competitions and wins often. Are there provisions in place to ensure that everyone is playing on a fair level?

  • Under the Rules of Handicapping, there are several new safeguards to ensure the integrity of a player’s Handicap Index.
  • Soft Cap and Hard Cap limit the extreme upward movement of a Handicap Index over a rolling 12-month timeframe, and an Exceptional Score Reduction reduces a player’s Handicap Index each time they submit a score that produces a Score Differential at least 7.0 strokes below their Handicap Index.
  • A club’s Handicap Committee will also have access to reporting tools that provide additional oversight. In addition, the committee in charge of competition can protect the field by modifying a player’s Playing Handicap before or between rounds when appropriate.

5. Who should I contact if I have a question about the Rules of Handicapping or my Handicap Index?

  • For specific questions regarding your Handicap Index or scoring record, contact the Handicap Committee or the USGA Handicap Department by phone at (908) 234-2300 extension 5, or by email at You may also stop in the Pro Shop at The Freeport Club and speak to our Pro Shop Manager.

The Freeport Club is proud to be World Golf Handicap Certified, and we look forward to seeing you on the course!